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Welcome to Timber Ridge, a mature residential community of 230 homes located in Edmond, Oklahoma, just a short distance from the University of Central Oklahoma.  Timber Ridge has abundance of well kept homes, friendly neighbors, and mature trees! Common areas include a cabana, pool, park with tennis and basketball courts, playground equipment, a baseball and soccer field, and two ponds stocked with fish.

The development of Timber Ridge began in the late 1960's.  It was originally platted as all one acre lots.  In the early 1970's the developer suffered financial difficulty so it was sold to another developer who re-platted the remaining property to smaller lots  The original plat is referred to as Timber Ridge I, it has one acre lots and streets with no sidewalks or gutters.  The remaining area of Timber Ridge is referred to as Timber Ridge II & III.

Regarding the history of Edmond - The Santa Fe Rail Line in Oklahoma Territory established a water and coaling station for steam engines at this location when the Santa Fe Railroad built into Indian Territory in 1887.  The site for the station was chosen because it was the highest point on the line in Oklahoma County; train could more easily accelerate going downhill while leaving the station in either direction. The railroad then named the station for Edmond Burdick, the Santa Fe's traveling freight agent. when the town was formed after the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889, early settlers decided to adopt the name. Though most of the remnants of the old railroad infrastructure are gone, the Santa Fe, now BNSF freight line still runs through the same course,

The town of Edmond sprang up overnight during the great Oklahoma land run on April 22, 1889, when homesteads were staked around the Santa Fe station. The original plat for Edmond was prepared by the Seminole Town and Development Company, a newly formed syndicate with ties to the railroad. many of the original streets were named for men associated with either the Santa Fe Railroad or the town syndicate. The first mayor and city officers were elected in May 1889, and Edmond's population was 294 in the 1890 census.

The first public schoolhouse in Oklahoma Territory, completed in August 1889, is in Edmond.It still stands as a historic monument on 2nd Street between Boulevard and Broadway and is open to the public on the first two Saturdays of each month or by appointment.